Pershing is the name of a special sports yacht made by the Italian company Pershing Yacht, which still produces this type of boat with great attention to the innovative tradition of the brand.

The shipyard that has been producing these sports yachts since 1985 has in fact remained that of the historic Mondolfo (PU) shipyard, designed by the Florentine architect Sandro Sartini, where the trio of founders of the first incarnation of the company, namely Tilli Antonelli, Fausto Filippetti and Giuliano Onori, launched their first boat, and in ’85, precisely, the first Pershing 45 designed by master Fulvio De Simoni.

In 1998 the company became part of Ferretti Group (and consequently in the orbit of Chinese industrial group Weichai) and we of Italian Yacht Store have become authorized Pershing Dealer.

Pershing is now synonymous with boats from 15 to 35 feet, as comfortable and spacious as a motor yacht but as fast as a speedboat.
The Pershing, in fact, have engines up to 10400 horsepower – the flagship Pershing 140, for example – with some models capable of reaching 45 knots of speed.

8 sport bridge models signed Pershing

The pleasure of sports sailing has always been a peculiarity of Pershing yachts. Thanks to technological innovations, sailing at high speed in safety becomes possible, easy and fun.

The entire Pershing fleet best expresses the know-how and sports DNA of the Ferretti Group.

Pershing 140

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Pershing 108

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Pershing 9X

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Pershing 74

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Pershing 7X

Pershing 7X of the “Generation X”, realized from the unmistakable design of Fulvio de Simoni, is a mix of extraordinary…

Pershing 8X

Pershing 8X is designed to impress. The lightness of its carbon fiber structure makes it extremely fast and performing. Another…

Pershing 62

Experience the sportiness and the thrill of speed in absolute excellence. Functionality, safety and maximum comfort in a yacht that…

Pershing 5X

Pershing 5X pushes technological innovation by starting the “Generation X” with an aircraft-derived coupé, to lash the seas with its…

Pershing: dynamic and sporty like no one else

Few people know it, but the name Pershing derives from that of the American General J.J. Pershing, an innovator in his field, since he was the first commander in the history of the American army to know how to coordinate light infantry and new tanks and armored cars, ferrying the U.S. army from the nineteenth century military to the twentieth century of the First World War.

A very strong identity that has therefore inherited the Pershing luxury yacht, which has always done everything to respect it.
Starting with the stylistic choices, always breaking.

A real trademark, this one, if on the one hand has turned the nose up at the conservatives, on the other hand has approached a public interested in an aggressive and innovative approach (famous was the Pershing 52 of the MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi) which has fed a market of enthusiasts who now also contend for used Pershing.

This effort towards novelty and research is the result of the collaboration between the AYTD (Advanced Yacht Technology & Design) center, the Ferretti Engineering team and the Italian designer Fulvio De Simoni.

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