Pershing 140 project

Whoever loves Pershing—whether they have driven the boats themselves or had the opportunity to go aboard these unique yachts—knows all about the “Pers

Pershing 9x new

Pershing 9x new ExternalPershing 9x new InternalPershing 9x new VideoPERSHING 9X NEW LayoutPERSHING 9X NEW Technical DataPERSHING 9X NEW Dati prelimin

Pershing 82

Words fail us when we look at a masterpiece, so we have to settle for numbers: over 24 metres long and 5.50 metres wide, with a weight of 56.3 tons th

Pershing 74

In deference to the famous and legendary Pershing 72, we could say that this Pershing 74 resembles not an evolution, but rather a revolution. Many sub

Pershing 70

Watching the world quickly slip by as you relax peacefully in a soft and hushed place, free and protected. It sounds like the introduction to a medita

Pershing 62

You can tell those who are unfamiliar with sailing, but love speed on the road behind the wheel of a Zonda Revolucion or a Bugatti Veyron. And if you

Pershing 5x

X stands for extraordinary talent; for a performance whose limits are still to be tested; for a constantly evolving DNA. It might be just a few months

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